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What a great weekend. 


What a great weekend. 

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James and Oliver Phelps at Dallas Comic Con: October 19th

James and Oliver Phelps at Dallas Comic Con: October 19th

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The Weasley Twins. James (Fred) is in blue. Oliver (George) is in red

Imagine meeting Fred in the prefects’ bathroom (part two)

Requested by anon

Disclaimer: The following ficlet contains language and descriptions of a sexual nature. Both characters are in their seventh year at Hogwarts and as such, are over the legal age of consent for the UK (16) as well as being considered of age in the Wizarding World. (17)

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Still stroking you, Fred begins moving through the water, steering you towards the edge of the bathing area. He raises his head to make sure not to bump you into the side, kissing along your shoulder as he guides you both safely against the pool wall. His lithe body feels so good pressing up against you, your legs still firmly entwined around his middle, his cock nudging against you and sending the most delicious ripples through your body. His lips search hungrily for yours again as he leans you back against the edge of the baths.
“Hold on.” he instructs you with a devious smile, then as you reach your arms out to rest against the top of the pool wall, he backs his upper body away from you, his hips still gently grinding into yours, hard flesh sliding along your entrance as he appraises you with a smouldering look, biting his lip in an effort to keep his self control.
Gods, how you wish he would just plunge into you now. Almost automatically, you reach down under the water between you and enclose your fingers around his length. Fred’s eyes grow darker with lust and he lets out a laboured moan as you begin to teasingly work your hand up and down his shaft. He thrusts slightly into your hand a few times within expression of absolute bliss on his face, then moves back, just out of your reach, whilst lifting your legs up to the surface still straddling either side of him. You are now splayed out before him, completely naked. Although you’re certainly no virgin, you can’t help but feel self-conscious to be totally exposed in this way. The few times you had sex with your last boyfriend were nothing to write write home about and you never actually saw each other completely naked. Fred seems to pick up on your discomfort.
“You’re beautiful……….” he states, bending down to plant gentle kisses on your stomach “and very, very sexy.” he continues, kissing along a hip and onto the sensitive inner flesh of your thigh.
He pauses, hazel eyes locked with yours and you watch mesmerised as he stretches his tongue slowly out and without breaking eye contact, gently grazes your clitoris.
“Oh fuck!” The force of the pleasure it causes takes you by surprise. Just one tiny lick from Fred has done more than all the times with your ex put together!
Fred chuckles, smiling against you as he repeats the action and elicits the same response. Every time his tongue swipes across your swollen nub, a dart of intense pleasure stabs you and you push back against his hands supporting your bottom to stop you sinking below the water. The lapping of the water at your entrance and his mouth devouring you so deliciously is too much to bear. You feel sensations building, spiralling inside you as each swipe becomes longer. You are unable to silence yourself any longer, the moans of pleasure you have been biting back break free, much to Fred’s delight. He responds by moving a hand to the small of your back, supporting you, leaving the other free for him to gently tease at your entrance.
“Oh Merlin!” The pleasure is intense now as his tongue circles incessantly around the sensitive flesh. “Please……….” you gasp as his finger dips briefly inside you, driving you wild for more.
You try desperately to empale yourself onto it and thankfully, Fred is only too happy to oblige. Still hungrily tending to your outer folds, he slides his finger all the way inside you and begins to move it in time with his mouth. Every thrust of his finger, every lick of his tongue sends a jolt of pleasure through you. Your moans increase as the feelings intensify, your voice echoing around the room as the pressure inside you builds towards climax. Sensing how close you are, Fred begins to pick up speed. His finger delves deftly in and out in one fluid motion, the friction of his movements setting every nerve inside you on fire.
“Oh Gods, Fred!” you wail as he slips a second finger alongside the first.
It’s too much for you to cope with. Keening long and loud, an orgasm hits you like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. Water splashes around the two of you as you buck and grind against Fred, your walls contracting around his fingers with each spasm of ecstasy. The pleasure hits a crescendo then ebbs gradually away. Your moans ebb also and Fred begins to slow his actions, bringing you gently down from the dizzying heights of your orgasm.

Carefully he releases hold on you and with one last lick that sends an aftershock through your stomach, allows your legs to slide off his shoulders and back under the water. You cling to the poolside like a limp rag, dazed and breathless.
Fred floats over to you and grins smugly. “You ok?” he asks even though the answer is pretty obviously a yes.
“Uhuhhuhuhuh!” you nod vigourously at him, making him laugh. “Thank goodness for silencing charms!” you comment wryly, starting to get your breath back.
“Reckon I’ll have to start calling you Myrtle…..” Fred jokes cheekily, “what with all that moaning and everything!” He guffaws loudly as you give him a playful swat of your hand.
“Don’t you dare!” you warn him with a giggle.
“Or what?” He swoops down to kiss you again, arms encircling you and drawing you nearer to him.
“Or I won’t return the favour…….” you tell him enigmatically. He raises an eyebrow hopefully at you and smiles. “Come on…..” you say, moving away from him and leading him along to a ledge set back into the side of the pool. “Sit down.”

As instructed, Fred heaves himself onto the makeshift seating and looks at you expectantly, brown eyes gleaming with anticipation. The ledge is fairly shallow, allowing bathers to sit down and relax whilst still enjoying the warm waters of the pool. The water just about covers Fred’s thighs, leaving his manhood pointing majestically up towards you. Stepping forward so that you are resting against his knees, you catch his eye for a second. It’s hard to tell who has the biggest grin as you both share a naughty giggle. Stretching out a finger, you run it softly up his cock from balls to tip, smirking as he flinches with enjoyment. Carefully, you push his legs apart and nestle between his thighs. Fred watches you with baited breath. You lean over until you are millimetres from his erection. Fred actually whimpers at the feel of your hot breath. With the very tip of your tongue, you give the tiniest, most tantalising lick to the sensitive underside of his head. He whimpers again, his cock jerking slightly of its own accord. You grasp him gently in your hand to hold him steady, flash him a devilish smile then start licking him properly, small strokes to his sensitive sweet spot, long and languorous licks along his length, every now and then swirling around his circumference. From the noises he is making, Fred is certainly enjoying himself. A hand runs through the dampness of your hair, cradling the nape of your neck as you suckle at his engorged member. His tip is in your mouth now. Gently you suck him whilst laving the underside of his head. Fred hisses with pleasure, his head thrown back in ecstasy, gazing down at you through eyes hooded with desire. There’s a sharp intake of breath as you take his cock fully in your mouth, lips sliding down the wonderfully hard flesh as far as you can manage before sucking hard. Your head bobs evenly, your grip tightening as your hand works his shaft, mirroring the rhythm of your suckling. Fred groans and murmurs your name. His hips thrust infinitesimally as the pleasure begins to escalate.

Sensing he may be closing in on his climax, you release him from your lips, continuing to move your hand along his length. The loss of your mouth around him causes his eyes to snap open.
Meeting his gaze, you nonchalantly comment “It might interest you to know………..” You pause, giving Fred a very sultry look which, in his state of heightened arousal is somewhat wasted on him. “…………. I’ve started taking the potion.”
All part of your plan for tonight, the contraceptive potion you managed to acquire has been in your system long enough to be effective. Fred’s ears prick up at this, eyes widening at the implications of what you’ve just told him.
“You mean……….” he manages to gasp between strokes of your hand.
You nod eagerly, finishing his sentence for him “…….. we can have sex. If you want to, that is?”
Fred looks at you incredulously. “If? IF?!?!” he exclaims excitedly. “What do you mean ‘if’ woman? Of course I want to!”
Your hand has stilled now. Giggling at his mock indignation, you let go of his erection and allow Fred to help you up onto the ledge beside him. Climbing onto his lap, you straddle him, shyly smiling with nerves now the moment has finally arrived. Fred picks up on this, soothingly running his fingers over your arms and shoulders before drawing you to him and kissing you softly.
“We don’t have to……..” he murmurs gently. “Not if you’re not ready……..”
His thoughtfulness makes your heart feel like it’s going to burst from your chest. Most boys would do anything to get a girl to sleep with them but Fred, despite all his cheek and swagger, has never once made you feel pressured to go further than you wanted to. Luckily for him, you really do want this, want him. More than anything, in fact.
Tenderly, you stroke the side of his neck and kiss him back. “I’m ready.” you tell him in almost a whisper, your voice hoarse with longing.
Fred bites his lip at your words, eyes dark with passion. He groans as you shift forward to rub yourself against his cock. Both hands grasp your hips gently as Fred moves with you, desperate to create more delicious friction where your bodies touch. Slowly, his fingers feather up your sides and play along the swell of your breasts. The pad of each thumb swipes lightly over your nipples, making you arch your back and press yourself closer to his erection.

Raising yourself up on your knees a fraction, you reach between your legs and take hold of his manhood, positioning it near your moist entrance. Fred watches, thumbs still brushing lazily at the taut peaks of your breasts. Undulating your hips, you tease him with the tiniest of thrusts, allowing just the very tip of him inside you, rubbing the head of his cock slickly along your folds. Fred’s hands drop back to your hips, his grip firmer now. You smile, moving your hips that little bit more to allow another inch of him inside you. The feel of him sliding over and around you is utter bliss, as is watching Fred slowly losing all control as you taunt him.
He desperately attempts to push up into you but you raise your hips with a smirk, enjoying his groan of frustration as his thrust misses its goal. “Please……….” he begs, driven to distraction by your teasing.
To hear him pleading for you like this is such a turn on. Already finding it difficult to hold back, it’s the final straw for you and you can resist him no longer. Carefully, you take hold of him once more, guiding his cock to your entrance whilst you lower yourself down. Gradually you ease onto him. You are so, so wet and so ready for him after all that foreplay that there is no discomfort, just the magnificent feeling of being slowly stretched, every millimetre of you filled in the most satisfying and wonderful way. Fred’s hands are on your hips, lightly pushing you, encouraging you on your journey all the way down his length. He regards you hazily through half-closed eyes, slack jawed at the sensation of finally being inside you.

Once Fred is completely within your walls, your thighs resting snug against his lap, the water of the pool washing against your bottom, you pause. The pair of you both let out a breath you have been holding, smiling at one another with the wonder of this new, intense level of intimacy.
“You feel amazing.” Fred murmurs, shifting inside you very slightly and sending a shiver of deliciousness through you.
You rest your palms flat against his chest, enjoying he tautness of his muscles and roll your hips. “Mmmm…… So do you!” you groan, your wriggling allowing you to feel him properly brushing against all of your most sensitive spots.
Fred lets out a moan of appreciation, hands gripping you more firmly as he pushes back up against your tantalising movements. Leaning forward to kiss him sensuously, you rock gently back and forth, still adjusting to the glorious fullness within you. Passionately, Fred returns the kiss, his tongue probing your mouth whilst nimble fingers reach for your nipples, teasing, rolling, gently pinching as you move slowly against him.
“You know I love you, right?” Fred mutters against your lips.
It’s more of a statement than a question but you answer him just the same, cradling his head in your hands and nodding “I know……..” You kiss along his jawline and begin to rock more firmly. “I love you too……” you tell him breathlessly, rising on your knees to reveal almost all of his length before sliding slowly back down onto him.
The noise Fred makes is unbelievably sexy. You bite back a naughty giggle as you repeat the action, the friction of his erect penis rubbing inside you making you quiver and let out a small moan. It feels so fantastic and so very much better than anything you have experienced before. Desperate for more of the delightful sensations swamping your body, you pick up speed, water slapping gently against you both as you steady your rhythm and start to ride Fred properly. Each rise and fall onto his cock brings a fresh wave of pleasure and another moan of enjoyment from you both. You can feel the veins and ridges of his firm flesh rubbing your walls as he slides repeatedly into you. It’s absolute heaven.

Holding you on top of him, Fred adjusts himself under you to allow him to lean forward. His mouth greedily searches for your breast, trying its best to claim a nipple as they bob up and down in front of him. You slow your movements enough to enable his lips to close around one of your stiff, pink peaks, rocking and grinding into his cock fervently with each nip and suck.
“Gods, that’s good!” you exclaim huskily and reach an arm behind yourself to find and fondle Fred’s balls.
The action has two effects. Firstly, it stretches your body out most pleasingly, your breasts pointing upwards at the perfect angle for Fred’s hungry mouth. Secondly, and more importantly, the effect on Fred is electric. He lets out a muffled cry and begins pushing up into you, desperate to feel you sliding over his entire length again. Only too happy to oblige, you begin pounding onto him, driving him deep inside you with each downward stroke, arm still angled a little awkwardly behind you to rub the sensitive skin of his balls.
“Ohhhhhh bloody hell!” His voice is frantic now. “I can’t last much longer!” he calls out, left helpless by the sensations you are causing with your relentless.
The tingling in your nethers has been growing in intensity. You can sense another orgasm approaching but you’re not quite there yet. From the look of abandonment on Fred’s face, it’s unlikely he can hold back until you reach your peak.
“Touch me, Fred.” you urge him, needing an extra something to help you get there more quickly.
“Mmmmph!” is all he can manage to say in response but he does as instructed, licking his thumb to moisten it then placing it between your thighs, stroking you very adeptly with an expression of sheer determination as he desperately tries to stop himself from climaxing before you.
The gentle pressure of his thumb slipping over your clitoris is exactly what you need to send you hurtling towards the edge. It has much the same effect on you as your hand did on Fred’s balls. You pick up the pace, your control disappearing as the pleasure increases, movements becoming erratic as you struggle to keep some kind of rhythm going. It’s all too much for Fred. Eyes glazed and tongue poking out of the corner of his mouth, he releases a loud moan.
“I can’t…………” he gasps, “I’m gonna………… Oh fuck!” momentarily forgetting his task of tending to your sensitive outer area.
“Ohhhh!” you squeal in frustration at the loss of his thumb at your core. “Don’t stop!” you implore him but he is too far gone to hear you.
You slip your own fingers down between your bodies to resume stroking yourself towards climax just as Fred hits his own with full force. Carefully keeping your balance as he bucks and writhes below you, you stretch your free hand back around to his balls, which are now tightened ready to dispense their load inside you. Fred responds to your touch as enthusiastically as before, his moans of approval echoing off the ceiling as he finally reaches orgasm, pulsing and pumping into you, balls slackening as your hips bear down onto him hard and wring every last drop from them. The sight of him, taut muscles and stiff body as he gives in totally to the pleasure, head thrown back, eyes screwed shut, gives you a massive kick of lust deep within you. Moving slower onto him now, your fingers circle and tease at the fleshy nub between your legs, pressure building inside of you rapidly. Fred’s eyelids flutter open, slightly dazed from his orgasm. He takes in the view of you fondling yourself as you gently ride his still rigid member and bites his lip, aroused at what he sees. Long fingers brush along the inside of your thighs, pushing aside your hand as they seek their goal, grazing back and forth with the perfect intensity to send you into raptures. You lose all coherence, unaware of nothing but the hardness moving within you, the gentle yet purposeful strokes outside you, and those deep hazel eyes boring into your soul, full of passion and wanting, full of love.
“Fred……” His name escapes your lips like a prayer as waves of ecstasy wash through you.
Less forceful than your first climax but just as sweetly intense, the pleasure pierces you like pure, hot, white light bursting through your body. You have no idea what sounds leave your mouth as you shudder around a mesmerised Fred. Wave upon wave ripples through you, leaving you mewling quietly as the sensations fade and you sink bonelessly into the arms of Fred, body tingling all over as he softly showers your face with tender butterfly kisses.
“Wow” is all he says, cradling you like a china doll whilst his fingers soothingly caress you.
“Mmmmmm.” you agree lazily, basking in the afterglow of amazing sex. “Wow indeed!” You carefully slide off Fred’s lap, cuddling up to him on the ledge with your legs still resting on his. “I finally get what all the fuss is about!” you comment with a grin.
"Oh really?" Fred smirks back. "That bad, was he?" The reference to your last boyfriend’s lack of sexual prowess makes you both snigger.
"Apparently so………" you giggle in response. "Or maybe you’re just really, really good at it?"
Fred smiles smugly and nods his head proudly at your remark. “Oh, I am! That goes without saying!” he quips with a cheeky wink. “Mind you, you were the one doing all the hard work!”
He raises an eyebrow at you and fixes you with a saucy look. You stretch your neck up to kiss him which is tricky because you’re both grinning at each other so much.
"Can we do it again?" he asks hopefully, only half joking.
“We can.” you reply, lightly stroking the sparse hairs on his chest. “But not right now……” Fred pretends to sulk at this. “We don’t want to push our luck and get caught.” you explain, sulking a little too. There’s nothing you’d like more than to stay here in his arms.
Fred nods regretfully at the truth of your words. “Yeah……..” he agrees sadly, nuzzling your cheek with his nose.
"Don’t worry." you console him, stroking his face. "From now on I think you should take all your baths in here with me!"
"Oh I will……… I will!" Fred promises naughtily. "I predict I’m going to be needing a lot of baths from now on!"

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Instagram | @hogwarts_london na We Heart It.


Instagram | @hogwarts_london na We Heart It.

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Just met James and Oliver phelps at comic con


Just met James and Oliver phelps at comic con

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Here are some more photos from this awesome weekend at the Dallas ComicCon #FanDays! Photos of James and Oliver Phelps from their panel this afternoon, autograph and photo-op I got with them! They are just so cute and charming! And I love how chatty James is because it really calmed me down a little! :)

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(I think that’s James)

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